In my younger days I loved art and crafts but I went into the travel industry and had a family so apart from a few years in Cathie’s Crafts doing canal art and making wooden plaques, I didn’t have the time or space to do artwork.

More recently, I was inspired by David Hockney at his exhibition in Saltaire a couple of years ago to create mostly landscapes digitally which is the method he now uses for his artwork. An ipad mini is my easel and the brush is my index finger and occasionally a pencil. I paint scenes from places that I have seen or from photographs that really inspire me.

I chose the name, The Arty Place and began selling greetings cards and framed prints. Just before Christmas 2019 I needed something Christmassy to put on my Arty Place stall so I had the idea of putting my new Christmas designs on Christmas cards and also inside a bauble, then my friends suggested things they wanted, mostly football teams and photographs and I kept getting new ideas of things to put inside baubles, then I wondered why they were just for Christmas when they could potentially work for all occasions all the year round.

My idea was to fill all sorts of baubles with a range of different colours and designs and personalise them to suit different occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, get well, thank you, rewards, small businesses, national holidays, new home, rewards …. endless possibilities, a lovely individual personal gift for not much more than the price of a card! I added bespoke collages to my portfolio and incorporated The Arty Place

My venture still didn’t have a name and I was still using The Arty Place and then All 4 Balls . One day I introduced myself in my local networking group as a digital artist and baubleist. That was it, I had a name ………..

The Baubleist was born in March 2020